Bali Cycling Tour For Your Challenging Holiday Plan

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Bali cycling tour can be a great idea for your holiday plan someday. That’s because cycling around certain areas in Bali will give you a number of experiences, from nature to culture. Nature is probably the first reason why people around the world come and come again to this island of paradise. However, they’ll get more that they may think of, that is learning the local people’s life and culture.

To enrich you with the specific information about cycling in Bali, here we suggest you to go cycling to Ubud. Yes, Ubud is one of the most popular tourist destinations for its wonderful views and culture.

Ubud Electric Bicycle Tour

Bali Cycling Tour offers an Ubud electric bicycle tour that allows you to experience an incredible ride by pedaling up hills and enjoy the amazing views of rice terraces. Local guides are available to accompany your every ride to meet local people, too, so you can interestingly interact with them. Besides, the guides also have a good knowledge about some special places to go around.

Ubud electric bicycle tour will lead you to travel through the traditional villages and stop at some temples. Hence, you will not only enjoy the wonderful and natural land but also learn the history through some historical sites such as temples.

According to those who were cycling with Ubud electric bicycle tour, the tour can be done twice every day. Then, the tips are given as follows:

  • Go cycling twice every day. Start from Ubud main road and go to the countryside.
  • Ubud Bali cycling tour can run from 9 in the morning to 12 noon. Later, you can start cycling again from 3 in the afternoon to 6 in the evening. However, times are customizable based on your group’s request.

Note, electric bicycle tour is safe for people at all ages. Even it is good for 12-year-old boys and 71-year-old man. In this way, just make sure that you have a good capability for riding an electric bike. Ubud cycling tour is definitely for everyone.

Enjoy Ubud Rice Fields

Visiting Ubud rice fields is highly recommended if you take Bali Cycling Tour. Truly, Ubud rice fields are the beauty and representing the way of Balinese lives. They have a good capability in managing irrigation system, making them able to productively produce rice in the regions.

Once you arrive at the rice fields, you will find it hard to believe that they are so majestic. Yes, the rice fields are developed into stages. Cycling along the rice fields and communicating with local people will make you learn the best rice plantation from the early cultivation to harvesting.

Overall, Bali Cycling Tour can be the best option to spend holidays in Bali. Instead of sitting at the beach, you can go visiting Ubud that is rich of incredible natural landscape and culture, too. To get the best experience, you can also take Ubud electric bicycle tour to easily pedal up the hills.